Departmental Bulletin Paper "Grammatical Processes" in Sapir's Language (1921) : From the viewpoint of contemporary morphology
サピア『言語』 (1921) における「文法課程」 --現代形態論の観点から--

漆原, 朗子

(15)  , pp.113 - 132 , 2017-03 , 北九州市立大学国際教育交流センター
This paper reviews Sapir's (1921) morphological analysis for grammatical processes and seeks to show what kind of implication it has for the development of morphological theory. But before going straight to Sapir (1921), I will review the course of development of morphology in Section 1, drawing attention to the fact that there have been many debates on morphology as an independent module of grammar, its place, methodology, and so on. Section 2 reviews Sapir's grammatical processes and terminology, and criticizes one of his notations. As an exemplification for issues surrounding morphology, I show several phenomena in English and Japanese that can be best captured at the interface of morphology and other domains of grammar.In Section 3 I will show that morphology is an independent module with many operations at work at the interfaces with syntax and phonology.

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