Departmental Bulletin Paper Restructuring the Family in the Context of Modernity and Globalization: A Sociological View of the Japanese Family Today

Hamano Takeshi

(14)  , pp.171 - 183 , 2016-03 , 北九州市立大学国際教育交流センター
The family has been the most significant subject of enquiry in sociology over many decades, although the family has been reconstructed by globalization. A sociological theory of globalization must necessarily consider both global integration and local differentiation. For instance, discussions about compressed modernity emphasize the plurality of modernity because of the different historical and cultural contexts of each society. At the local level, the nation-state has continued to play a dominant role in relation to the institutional and ideological construction of the family system. Functions that were hitherto part of the family system are being reconstructed within the global system. This paper reviews recent debates about the transformation of the family in modern Asia in reference to social systems theory, and proposes a theoretical agenda about the reconstruction of the Japanese family today.

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