Departmental Bulletin Paper 20歳代女性の足爪トラブルとその要因に関する調査
A survey on foot-and-toenail problems and their causes among women in their twenties
A survey on foot-and-toenail problems and their causes among women in their twenties

小野澤, 清子  ,  宮地, 文子  ,  宮﨑, 紀枝  ,  依田, 明子

8 ( 1 )  , pp.61 - 70 , 2016-03 , 佐久大学看護学部
長野県佐久および長野地域の企業に勤務する女性38 人と女子大学生48 人、計86 人の足爪トラブルの有無および履いている靴の状態について調査し、20 歳代女性の足爪トラブルを予防するための課題を検討した。対象者の平均年齢は23±2.9 歳であり、対象者全員に骨の変形によるトラブル、爪トラブル、皮膚トラブルなど何らかのトラブルが認められた。対象者はパンプス等、靴の甲を固定できないタイプのおしゃれ靴を61.6%が履いており、靴を履いての感想は、68.6%が問題を感じていなかった。足爪トラブルの原因で最も多いとされている足アーチの変形と足指の変形が、皮膚トラブルおよび足部の痛み・肩こりとの関連が認められた。また疼痛に関して、足部の痛みと外反母趾・内反小趾・炎症との関連が認められ、これらの有所見が、加齢とともに悪化しないような予防的介入の必要があると考えられた。A survey was conducted on 86 subjects̶38 women employed at businesses establishments and 48 female students in Saku or Nagano area of Nagano Prefecture. The purpose of this survey was to investigate the conditions of their toe nails and the states of the shoes that they wore among women in their 20’s so that the troubles involving their feet and toe nails may be averted. The average age of the subjects was 23±2.9 years. All were found to have certain foot problems, involving the bones, muscles, ligaments, toe nails, or the skin of their feet. Among them, 61.6% wore types of fashion-oriented shoes that cannot be stabilized at the dorsum of their fee(t such as pumps).When asked about the comfort level, 68.6% noted no problems with their shoes. It was indicated that deformations of the metatarsal arch and toes, presumably the most frequent causes of the troubles involving the feet and toe nails, were related to skin ailments as well as foot pain and stiff shoulders. Furthermore, foot pain was found to be correlated with bunions, bunionettes, and inflammation. These findings indicated a need for preventive interventions so that the conditions may not exacerbate with increasing age.

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