Departmental Bulletin Paper 看護系大学生の学業意欲低下に関連する要因の検討
Examination of the Factors Leading to the Decline in Motivation for Learning for Student Nurse
Examination of the Factors Leading to the Decline in Motivation for Learning for Student Nurse

内山, 明子  ,  竹尾, 惠子  ,  征矢野, あや子

8 ( 1 )  , pp.11 - 20 , 2016-03 , 佐久大学看護学部
本研究は、看護系大学生のスチューデント・アパシー傾向を、アパシー傾向測定尺度を用いて測定し、学業意欲の低下と進路選択および自己効力感などとの関連を検討した。看護系大学生139名から回答を得て、以下のことが明らかになった。アパシー傾向得点の上位25%群には、スチューデント・アパシー傾向が認められる学生(15 名, 44.1%)とアパシー傾向に加えて、うつ症状を示す学生(19 名, 55.9%)が混在していた。家族を含む第三者が入学を決定したものは自分のみで入学を決定したものより有意にアパシー傾向が高かった(p<.05)。GHQ28(精神健康調査)とその下位尺度である4 つのスケールによって症状があると判定されたものは、症状がないものに比べて有意にアパシー傾向が高かった(p<.01)。重回帰分析の結果、スチューデント・アパシーの正の関連要因としてGHQ28 の「(C)社会的活動障害」、負の関連要因として授業出席率、進路選択に対する自己効力感が影響していた。The purpose of this study was to observe the apathy tendency of student nurse related to selfefficacy, motivation for learning, mental health(GHQ28)and social behavior. The apathy tendency scale was used to measure the apathy tendency levels. We collected responses from 139 student nurses and found results as follows. Those who scored in the upper 25% of the apathy tendency score were consisted of students with apathy tendency(15 students, 44.1%) and depression resulted by apathy(19 students, 55.9%). High scored students of apathy tendency were signifi cantly lower scored of the career decision making who are not decided by themselves(p<.05). On the students who have mental health symptoms by the GHQ28 and its 4 subscale, apathy tendency score who have mental health symptoms was signifi cantly higher than that of students without such symptoms (p<.01). A signifi cant correlation was found among career decision-making, self-efficacy and apathy tendency. The results of the multiple regression analysis showed tha(t C)social activity dysfunction, as characterized by the GHQ28, was positively correlated to student apathy, and the rate of class attendance and Career Decision-Making Self-Effi cacy were negatively correlated to student apathy.

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