Departmental Bulletin Paper サービスの失敗と顧客行動との関係性の再検討 サービス・リカバリー研究の批判的考察

上元, 亘  ,  瀨良, 兼司  ,  Wataru, Uémoto  ,  Keiji, Sera

Different from the production of goods, the production of services pertains high degree of human labors and interactions. Since this characteristic sometimes cancause the service failure, which leads to customer dissatisfaction or customer defection, prior researches have insisted that companies and employees should dealwith this as the service recovery. On the other hand, research topics about the relationship between the service failure and customer behavior has not yet beeninvestigated enough, because prior researches focused mostly on the service recovery studies. This study submitted the theoretical issues about the relationship between theservice failure and customer behavior by reviewing prior researches on service failure.

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