Departmental Bulletin Paper Two Types of Double Object Constructions in English:An Explication of Oehrle’s (1976) Observation

武内, 梓朗  ,  Shiro, Takeuchi

15pp.21 - 32 , 2017-03-31 , 麗澤大学大学院言語教育研究科
This paper argues that there are two types of double object constructions (DOCs) in English: one is the DOC counterpart of the possessive have construction, and the other is theD OC counterpart of the existential have construction. Certain characteristics of the two have constructions are inherited to the two corresponding types of DOCs. By acknowledging the existence of the two distinct types of DOCs in English, we can finally account for not only some of the data of the DOC given in the literature but also the observations made by Oehrle (1976),which seem to have been somewhat overlooked.

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