Departmental Bulletin Paper <研究ノート>ハラール食品事業に対する日本の中小食品メーカーの認識 : 日本でハラール食品事業を始める際の留意点

藤原, 達也  ,  Tatsuya, Fujiwara

This study investigates the perceptions of small-and medium-sized manufacturers regarding the Halal food industry by using the grounded theory approach. Two Japanese small-and medium-sized manufacturers, which have already received Halal certification from a domestic Halal certifier, were interviewed in this study. In addition, one Halal certifier, one researcher investigating Halal and one Muslim consumer staying in Japan were interviewed to support the analysis. Based on the analysis, this study showed three main findings. First, when small-and medium-sized manufacturers are eager to operate Halal food businesses in overseas countries and it is relatively difficult for them to receive Halal certification, their knowledge concerning Halal tends to increase actively. Second, when they start Halal food businesses from Japan, they are apt to have a perspective focusing on only business aspects not religious aspects. Third, when they have little perception of Halal, they depend on Halal certifiers. Considering these findings, the increase of Halal certifiers in Japan has led to important issues concerning the reliability of Halal certifications. Therefore, small-and medium-sized manufacturers need to make efforts to understand Halal food businesses and choose Halal certifiers carefully.

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