Departmental Bulletin Paper 留学生の歴史認識の形成―世界史の授業のコメントを通して―

國原, 幸一朗  ,  Koichiro, Kunihara

In this paper, based on the comments that students of world history is mentioned in class, compare the historicalconsciousness of the Japanese and internationalstudents, positioned against the historicalconsciousness and historicalrecognition of previous studies. International students have said, “I want to understand a series of movement of history, and consider the changes in the situation of the world in my own, I want to tie in specialized fields.” In class, I use many movies, interests are high for movies. Foreign students in Japan, was re-recognize the history of their country. They, studying on the basis of the new point of view, they felt the fun of world history, pick up the goodness and meaning of things to learn their native history at the Japanese, and he said the difference in the history of sense. Part of the intent and fiction of author is present in the cinema. Life and thoughts of people are often neglected. Region is limited to use the movies and written materials. For objective of the historical perception of their own also, there is a need for history learning of various regions. I want to pick up the history of the region that Japanese students and international students are not both wellknown. I hope that many students think it is interesting to find the strength of human wisdom.

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