Departmental Bulletin Paper 財務諸表監査における監査人の役割と責任:監査役等との連携を題材として

篠藤, 涼子  ,  Ryoko, Shinoto

This paper examines the correlativity of the role and liability of auditors under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, establishing the relationshipbetween the Auditor & Supervisory Board Members. It is a theoretical study based on law and norm interpretation. Under Company Law, Audit & Supervisory Board Members assume the role of detecting fraud. In spite of this, auditors have always been expected to do so. However, certain limitations do not allow them to carry out this function.The most recently amended Audit Standards are explicit in their contents with regard to the cooperation between auditors and Audit & Supervisory Board Members to deal with the risk of fraud. The audit standards regulate role and liabilities of the auditor. This amendment presumes no change in the financial statement audit framework, but might imply a certain expansion in the role and liabilities of the auditor.

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