Departmental Bulletin Paper 生徒に影響を与える英語教師の授業スタイル

望月, 正道

21pp.57 - 75 , 2015-06-30 , 麗澤大学英米文化研究会
Teachers have beliefs about teaching that affect their decision-making and behavior. University students in a teacher education program seem to have beliefs about teaching from their experiences as learners. They may have started to form their beliefs about teaching English by learning from teachers who have influenced them in their English classes. This study investigated teaching styles and methods employed by English teachers that university students considered to have had the greatest influence on them. Eighty-eight students answered a twenty-item questionnaire on how these teachers taught English and the responses were put through a factor analysis. Five factors were found as common traits of the teachers the participants considered the most influential: fun class, practice-focused class, English through English, grammar-translation, and translation by the teacher. These teachers have impressed the participants by conducting fun classes, teaching English through English, or helping them understand English and develop their interest in it. It is highly likely that the participants have begun to form their beliefs about teaching English influenced by the teaching styles of these teachers, though this needs further empirical validation.

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