Departmental Bulletin Paper 南チロルのドロミテ・ラディン語の母語継承──イタリア語とドイツ語の狭間で──

大澤, 麻里子  ,  Mariko, Osawa

The Ladin language is one of the regional languages in Italy. Its origin can be traced back to the time when Romans inhabited the Alpine region. It is also one of the three legally-recognized languages spoken in South Tyrol in Italy,where only 4.5 percent of the people speak Ladin. Even though the number is relatively small, thanks to the unique plurilingual educational system,the number of speakers of Ladin remains as it was 10 years ago and is still vital in everyday life.The purpose of this paper is to examine how this small area is considered to be one of the most successful multilingual communities in Europe where majority of the populations fluently speak three languages, namely Italian,German and their mother tongue Ladin. Second,the paper also inspects how to retain their mother tongue even though they are always confronted by two dominant and influential languages, specifically German and Italian. Finally,this paper also aims to investigate, in particular,how plurilingualism is applied and practiced in their educational systems.This study is divided into two main parts. The former explains geographical, historical,legislative and economic background of the area. By interviewing local authorities,visiting various schools and institutions,and observing several classes in Ortisei,a small town which is the center of the Ladin community,the latter analyzes the role of plurilingualism in their educational system,including the current problems it faces such as the growing number of immigrants and the increasing demand for English.

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