Departmental Bulletin Paper 経営学におけるアクティブ・ラーニング―ビジネスゲームの教育効果の検証―

田中, 敬幸  ,  藤野, 真也  ,  Takayuki, Tanaka  ,  Shinya, Fujino

The faculty of economics, Reitaku University, introduced the business game, which is one type of active learning, in 2009. Although the educational system of business game is created supposing actual corporate management, there remain some concerns about its efficacy. The purpose of this paper is to measure the educational effect of the business game in the faculty. In order to measure its effect objectively using the term-end examination of bookkeeping, students are divided into 2 groups of “students who took the business game class” and “students who did not take the business game class.” Then an analysis was carried out based on the hypothesis that the students who took the business game class deepen their understanding of bookkeeping rather than the students who did not. Firstly, a correlation analysis of students' business game grades and their results of bookkeeping exam was conducted. A significant correlation was not seen in this analysis. On the other hand, the t-test was performed for the above 2 groups, with the result that the significant difference was observed. In conclusion, the fact became clear that an understanding of bookkeeping progresses through the lesson of business game.

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