Departmental Bulletin Paper “共創空間”を開発することの学問的意義-「共創空間開発学」の構築を目指して-

大場, 裕之  ,  山岡, 平三  ,  Hiroyuki, Oba  ,  Heizo, Yamaoka

“Co-Creative Space”(CCS)is the space to explore the meanings of life theme by a group of holding different mind-set, which matters the dividual’s yardstick of value judgment. By developing CCS, it gives awareness of the very nature of self-centered value judgment of homo economicus and explores the mind-set of “Value-free(Wertfreiheit)” of Max Weber, which gives importance of an academic discipline.As a methodology, it is neither a conventional method of building logical system, nor the method of attributing to the specific individual. CCS realizes the “Value-free” space, and is the method of implementing mind-set Kaizen by Co-Creative wisdom. That is, it creates the open conscious space by relating rational mind with sensitivity by using a Ball(common theme), Magnets (set of value judging self) and a Board (mirror of discovering own self).Experiencing this space makes it possible not only to examine and release oneself from self-centered thinking and feeling, but also to stand at the gateway to the Truth by one’s own free-will.

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