Departmental Bulletin Paper 『大草原の小さな家』の異文化コミュニケーション論的考察
Aspects of Intercultural Communication in the Little House on the Prairie

YAMADA, Kentaro  ,  山田, 健太郎

16pp.165 - 172 , 2015-12-28 , 長崎県立大学
In an attempt to explore the validity of literary text as well as literary reading for teaching intercultural communication, this paper analyzes theLittle House on the Prairie in relation to a developmental model proposed by Milton J. Bennett. Of six stages in the model, aspects of Denial, Defense, Acceptance, and Adaptation were observed. It is noteworthy that such diverse responses to a different culture are described in this book written for children. It is suggested that, with proper instruction, this novel could serve as a suifable textbook to teach intercultural communication.

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