Departmental Bulletin Paper 東アジアの地政学と創造的港湾都市(長崎/佐世保・釜山・泉州/厦門) -文化経済的中心と周辺を巡る攻防の中で-

河又, 貴洋  ,  KAWAMATA, Takahiro

(8)  , pp.1 - 13 , 2016-03-31 , 長崎県立大学東アジア研究所
Richard Florida (2014) suggested the key to understanding the new geography of creativity is the 3T’s of economic development: technology, talent, and tolerance. In this forum in collaboration with three universities, their East Asian cities (Xiamen, Busan, and Nagasaki) have common characteristics as a port town (gate way) which means a trade center where people, goods, money, and information are exchanged by sea. These characteristics fill the requirement for creative cities which has social capital: social interaction, mating market, diversity, and identity, therefore the relationship among three cities might hold tremendous potential for new stage of East Asia in the coming nest information-creative society based on cultural economy.

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