Journal Article 根管充填剤の逸出に起因した上顎洞炎の1 症例
A case of maxillary sinusitis secondary to overfilling of a root canal

小林, 明人  ,  田口, 明  ,  篠原, 淳  ,  各務, 秀明  ,  KOBAYASHI, AKITO  ,  TAGUCHI, AKIRA  ,  SHINOHARA, ATSUSHI  ,  KAGAMI, HIDEAKI

42 ( 1 )  , pp.25 - 31 , 2016-06-30 , 松本歯科大学学会
A case of iatrogenic sinusitis secondary to overfilling of a root canal filling material was reported. A 50–year old male was referred to our hospital with a symptom of nasal discharge. The cone–beam CT and panoramic x–ray images showed the soft–tissue density mass in right maxillary sinus and also the excess of root canal filling material from distobuccal root of right upper molar. After the administration of antibiotics and the root canal treatment, the excess material was surgically removed together with the amputation of the affected root, which resulted in the complete resolution of right maxillary sinusitis. The present case and the other related reports showed the risk of iatrogenic maxillary sinusitis even with a small fragment of overextended root canal filling materials. Dentists should be aware of this possibility for the ordinary root canal treatment.

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