Journal Article 下顎小臼歯部両側性に出現した過剰歯の1例
A case of impacted supernumerary teeth occurring in the bilateral mandibular premolar area

落合, 宏子  ,  西川, 康博  ,  山田, 美保  ,  紀田, 晃生  ,  松田, 紗衣佳  ,  横井, 由紀子  ,  正村, 正仁  ,  大須賀, 直人  ,  OCHIAI, HIROKO  ,  NISHIKAWA, YASUHIRO  ,  YAMADA, MIHO  ,  KIDA, AKIO  ,  MATSUDA, SAEKA  ,  YOKOI, YUKIKO  ,  SYOUMURA, MASAHITO  ,  OSUGA, NAOTO

41 ( 1 )  , pp.33 - 39 , 2015-06-30 , 松本歯科大学学会
In this study, a 1₇–year–old patient, who had regularly visited us from childhood, complained of discomfort in the andibular molar area, and impacted supernumerary teeth was confirmed by radiography. Its position was closely investigated using 3–dimensional CT, excision was performed, and a favorable course has been achieved. Thus, the importance of screening using panoramic radiography was reconfirmed.

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