Departmental Bulletin Paper 日本体育大学における体罰排除教育の取り組み : 運動部活動の種類と所属状況の比較
Effect of corporal-punishment-elimination education at Nippon Sport Sci-ence University : Comparison of students’ choice of extracurricular club activities and affiliated events

谷釜, 了正  ,  福場, 久美子  ,  市川, 優一郎  ,  小川, 拓郎  ,  鈴木, 悠介  ,  深見, 将志  ,  本間, 悠也  ,  雨森, 雅哉  ,  宇部, 弘子  ,  軽部, 幸浩  ,  藤田, 主一

46 ( 2 )  , pp.189 - 218 , 2017-03-31 , 日本体育大学
The present study examined the effects of the educational method adopted by Nippon Sport Science University for elimination of corporal punishment. Specifically, a survey was conducted on “Corporal Punishment” for the freshmen who entered the university in April 2016 and the 2nd–4th graders. Students were grouped into two: 1st graders and 2nd–4th graders. An analytical examination was made on what type of “Corporal Punish-ment” they received during their athletic activities and whether they perceived the presence (or absence) of the “Effect of Corporal-Punishment-Elimination Education.” Differences were observed between the two groups based on their choice of participation in club activities and affiliated events.

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