Departmental Bulletin Paper 新体操における障害の発生と競技ルールとの関連
Relationship between injury and competition rules in rhythmic gymnastics

村田, 由香里

46 ( 2 )  , pp.151 - 157 , 2017-03-31 , 日本体育大学
In this study, the author conducted a survey of current injuries in female rhythmic gymnasts using a question-naire to examine the relationship between the occurrence of injury and competition rules in rhythmic gymnas-tics. The subjects were 24 gymnasts of college students or adults, 23 high school gymnasts, 24 middle school gymnasts, and 25 elementary school gymnasts (total 96 people). We were able to survey gymnasts of a wide variety of levels from those beginning to appear in tournaments to those who had represented Japan in the Olympics. The survey revealed that the most common injury was stress fracture (18 cases), followed by low back pain (17 cases), which are chronic injuries. All gymnasts were also prone to injury in their dominant leg due to repeated practice of body difficulties. This suggests the need for further study going forward. The per-formances that rhythmic gymnasts practice repeatedly on a daily basis should be set at a level tailored to the individual gymnast in order to both adapt well to the rules and to prevent injury. Therefore, regular checkups are recommended.

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