Departmental Bulletin Paper 障害のある者の教員採用における一考察 : 障害者の権利に関わる法整備と各教育委員会における教員採用の動向から
Discussion on hiring of teachers with disabilities : viewed from the perspective of establishing legislation pertaining to the rights of persons with disabilities and trends in the appointment of teaching staff by the board of education

横山, 順一  ,  山田, 千紘  ,  北島, 洋美

46 ( 2 )  , pp.127 - 135 , 2017-03-31 , 日本体育大学
In April 2016, legislation was enacted to ban unjust discrimination against people with disabilities, with the aim of creating a society where all citizens, regardless of disabilities, will be able to coexist without prejudice while respecting each other’s personalities and individuality. This legislation has resulted in demands for specific measures to be taken to prohibit unfair discriminatory treatment and the non-provision of “reasonable ac-commodation” for such individuals. Enacted by the various Boards of Education, the special selection examination for candidates with disabili-ties applying for teaching positions only processes an extremely small number of both applicants and new hires. It cannot be said that sufficient consideration has been given to establishing adequate candidacy qualifi-cations for such examinations or for the actual implementation of the examination. This study firstly compares the legislative situation regarding the rights of people with disabilities and the hiring trends of teachers with disabilities appointed by Boards of Education. Furthermore, the study traces changes in the legislative system, while pinpointing issues encountered by the various Boards of Education when hiring teaching staff with disabilities. In addition, with advancements being made in the rights of people with disabilities, the study also attempts to discuss methods that will address individual issues, to further promote the hiring of teaching staff with disabilities in the future.

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