Departmental Bulletin Paper スポーツサービス概念の変遷 : スポーツ経営学関連書の分析から
The evolution of the sport service concept : an analysis of publications re-lated to sport management studies

佐野, 昌行

46 ( 2 )  , pp.105 - 118 , 2017-03-31 , 日本体育大学
This study, which is part of a wider research on the academic framework of sport management studies, will at-tempt to illustrate the evolution of the concept of sport service in this field. The research has been conducted using a corpus of definitions and explanatory material on the subject of sport service found in several Japanese publications related to sport management. The outcome of the study is summarized as follows.The term “sport service” has been widely used to refer to sport business ever since Udo first used the term “physical education service” in his 1970 book (Udo, 1970). In the late 1980s, owing to the increasing devel-opment of sport industries, sport service came to be known as just one field within the wider sport industry, giving rise to the new concept of sport service.The success of the Japanese private sector’s involvement in sport industries led to a renewed interest in sport management and its related concepts as an academic discipline. As a result, the meaning of sport service shifted from the sport business itself to a market product offered by those businesses. If we focus on the con-cept of “service,” we see that although some sources defined sport service as a process in terms of an activi-ty-based approach, other sources based their use of the term on a characteristic-based approach, which ex-plains it as a product and the outcome of production. This illustrates the lack of an agreed conceptual definition. Moreover, attempts to organize the sport industry required consideration of the products produced by this in-dustry. Thus, the products generated by sport management came to be known as sport activities, and this recognition of sport activities as intangible assets led to them being considered as sport services.

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