Departmental Bulletin Paper 悪性神経膠芽腫(グリオーマ)以外の脳腫瘍における O6-methylguanine-DNA methyltransferase (MGMT)抗体の染色性の検討

西脇, 崇裕貴  ,  竹中, 勝信  ,  加藤, 雅康  ,  野中, 裕康  ,  趙, 振新  ,  岡本, 清尚

A lot of studies of O6-methyguanine DNA methyltransferase (MGMT) protein expression havebeen reported in glioma. However, there are few reports assessed the protein expression in otherbrain tumors except glioma.METHODS: Five brain tumors except glioma (two primary central nervous system lymphomas;PCNSLs, one germinoma, one hemangioblastoma, and one Rathke’s cleft cyst) were immunostainedusing a commercial anti-MGMT antibody (Chemicon international:MAB16200;clone MT3.1). Threeglioblastomas were also immunostained with the same antibody. We assessed MGMT proteinexpression semiquantitatively (low expression was defined as 20~50% immunostained tumor cells,and high expression was defined as >50% immunostained tumor cells ).RESULTS: Two PCNSLs were assessed as high expression. Germinoma was also assessed as highexpression. In contrast, Hemangioblastoma was assessed as low expression and Rathke’s cleftcyst was no expression.CONCLUSIONS: By using immunohistochemical assessment of MGMT protein expression, it mighthelp us to understand the features in brain tumors except glioma.

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