Departmental Bulletin Paper SSRIによるドパミンへの影響

大久保, 恒正  ,  安藤, 寿博  ,  垣内, 無一  ,  中山, 明峰

Escitalopram is SSRI of having DAT (dopamine transporter ) inhibitory-action which is not.Having A10 nerve stimulus operation by the basic experiment which used Escitalopram isreported. However, until the present, a reason to the fact isn't made clear.At this article, it supposed about the logical background. As a result, it was not straight course and the reinforcement of the indirect dopamine isolation through the 5HT1A autoreceptor on the somatodendritic of the serotonin nerve was thought of.In the future, there is possibility that the reinforcement of the dopamine isolation by SSRI keeps effectivity to the chronic pain disease.

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