Departmental Bulletin Paper 病院薬剤師と薬局薬剤師の意識相違 ―岐阜県飛騨地域におけるお薬手帳アンケート調査結果より―

嶋, 俊弥  ,  和田, 泰明  ,  洞口, 拓也  ,  小林, 和正  ,  井上, 昇  ,  都竹, 知代  ,  竹中, 勝信

To understanding of a recognition in pharmacists against the medicine pocketbook and/or a confirmation of remaining drugs on Hida area in Gifu, the survey of hospital pharmacistsand community pharmacist was carried out. Conducted a questionnaire-based survey to 118 pharmacists, the recovery rate was 74% (87 pharmacists). Implementation rate of guidance to promote the medicine pocketbook bringing was higher than 75% in community pharmacist, but remained in 68% in hospital pharmacists. A confirmation of remaining drugs, a half of hospital pharmacists was rarely done. Compared to other cities, Gero city performed an active confirmation of remaining drugs. About an implementation rate of guidance to promote the medicine pocketbook bringing at pharmacies, there were not large differences among each city. In Gero city, the proportion of patients bringing actually was especially higher than other cities. In both community pharmacist and hospital pharmacists, they wish to have the patient's medical history and allergies, side effects history as described information of the medicine pocketbook. From this results, in orderto promote the cooperation of community pharmacist and hospital pharmacists in future, it was important to deepen mutual understanding about the medicine pocketbook.

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