Departmental Bulletin Paper Making the Classroom More Communicative

益山, 代利子  ,  ミゲル, ミション

15pp.131 - 135 , 2017-01-31 , 学校法人松商学園松本大学
Observing many different English classes over the years – both by Japanese English teachers and Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs), the researchers have noticed a majority of activities mainly involving behavioral methods of learning. This paper explains how to make a common activity seen in most English classes “Karuta” more communicative, as well as introduce an example of a game that covers various aspects of language learning“ The Liar’s Game”. The final portion of this paper covers lesson approaches and how to involve the Japanese homeroom teacher. English education through instruction alone is insufficient to provide appropriate language acquisition, the research highly suggests that students must also communicate with purpose for comprehensive language learning.

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