Departmental Bulletin Paper 小学校の通常の学級における特別支援教育の課題と教師の専門性について ―学年進級時の担任交代で解決を図った指導・対応事例を通して―
Experienced Teachers’ Mal―practice for Children with their Special Educational Needs ―An Issue of the Special Needs Education in Regular Elementary School―

杉本, 久吉  ,  杉本, 信代  ,  Hisayoshi, SUGIMOTO  ,  Nobuyo, SUGIMOTO

(70)  , pp.363 - 376 , 2018-03-31 , 創価大学教育学部・教職大学院
Since implementing the revision of the course of study of 2017, demands of supportingchildren with special educational needs have been increased in regular elementary schools.Indeed Special Needs Education system has foramlly rebuilt to operate such demands, thereare yet various difficulties and problems remained. Among them, a certain type of experiencedteachers’ mal - practice are a critical one.By reviewing several cases reporting how re -build the trust between children with specialeducational needs and their school once the relationship become failing, a common patternwas identified. Although the schools have set their guideline for treating children with specialeducational needs and prepared individualized educational plans for such children, a certaintype of experienced teachers tend to fail utilizing those procedure. Those teachers often keeptheir approach based on their experiences and their own understanding of the child’s needs.Because of their long time experience those teachers rarely realize the necessity of changingtheir practice.In the cases we reviewed, in short, as a despairing operation, the school principle replacedthe homeroom teacher at the timing of moving -up. Usually less - experienced teachers areassigned to the class that those children requesting special supports are belonging to. Althoughtheir teaching experiences are not long enough, they are more flexible and help - seeking todevelop the trustful relationship between the support - need child and them. As the result, thenewly assigned teachers well utilize the individualized educational plans and successfullymanage the classroom.It is ironical. For some teachers their teaching experience disturb their practice for treatingchildren who need special support by utilizing their individualized educational plans. We arguethe importance of preparing on - site teacher trainings for experienced teachers to be more openand flexible toward children’s special educational needs.

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