Departmental Bulletin Paper 幼稚園教諭養成課程における「家庭との連携」に関する研究 ―教職実践演習の授業における学生の学びに着目して―
Research on Partnership with the Parents in Kindergarten Teacher Training Courses ―Focus on Student Learning in Practical Teaching Courses―

清水, 百合香  ,  Yurika, SHIMIZU

(70)  , pp.307 - 322 , 2018-03-31 , 創価大学教育学部・教職大学院
Regarding on partnership with the parents in kindergarten teacher training courses for thisacademic level, the purpose of this research is to focus on and elucidate student learningin practical teaching courses at the Soka University Faculty of Education and Faculty ofCorrespondence Education. In terms of research methodology, first I gained an understandingof the awareness and perception of partnership with the parents in kindergarten amongstudents before taking a practical teaching course in these departments at Soka University inAY2017. Next, I clarified student learning on this topic through these courses by analyzingand considering student reflection sheets following the class that were written from 2014 to2017. Results revealed the following:•○The students felt the importance of this partnership with the parents in kindergarten interms of it contributing to children’s growth.• In partnership with the parents, understanding of what is important was deepened, andthe students’ own issues and abilities that needed development became clear.• Regarding responses to the parents in this type of partnership, student’s awarenessdeepened on issues such as what they need to be careful of and what they need toconsider.• The students strengthened their mental preparedness in practice teaching forkindergarten and the students developed an awareness of how to respond to the parents.

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