Departmental Bulletin Paper 子ども理解を通したいじめの早期発見・解消・予防 ―校長のトップマネジメントによる教職員の意識改革の取り組み―
Early Detection, Resolution, and Prevention of Bullying through Understanding Children ―Efforts to Reform Consciousness of Teaching Staff by Top Management of the Principal―

櫻井, 啓雅  ,  Hiromasa, SAKURAI

(70)  , pp.291 - 305 , 2018-03-31 , 創価大学教育学部・教職大学院
In this article, from the analysis of ‘various investigations on bullying’ that I dealt in myuniversity lectures, I pay attention to the point that the numbers of recognition of bullyingdiffer significantly depending on the report mind of the schools that respond. I was promotedto principal of an elementary school in 2006, just when the report to MEXT changed fromthe number of occurrences to the number of cognitions of bullying. Through the experienceconfronting bullying at the educational site, I introduce my efforts to reform consciousnessof faculty staff by top management of principal aiming at early detection, resolution, andprevention of bullying through understanding children.

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