Departmental Bulletin Paper 汎用的能力を育成するための授業デザインを指向した中学校・総合的な学習の時間の目標の分析的理解 ―プログラミング活動を通した目標達成の検討―
Decomposition of the Goal of the Period for Integrated Studies in Junior High School to Design of Learning Activities to Foster Students’ Generic Competence ―Discussion on Achieving the Goal through Programming Activities―

舟生, 日出男  ,  Hideo, FUNAOI

(70)  , pp.151 - 161 , 2018-03-31 , 創価大学教育学部・教職大学院
In this paper, the author divided analytically the goal of the Period for Integrated Studies,which are printed in the National Curriculum Standards for junior high school, into nineelements and related them to revised programming thinking based on computational thinkingand two difficulties in programming activities.Further, the author discussed that programming education at junior high school isinsufficient by only Technology and Home Economics classes and should also be handled inthe Period for Integrated Studies, and concluded that programming activities can achieve thegoal of the Period for Integrated Studies sufficiently.

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