Departmental Bulletin Paper 非在来的な女性研究者支援のための研究基金 ―プレリンガー賞のケース―
A Research Fund for Non―traditional Women Scholars ―A Case Study of the Catherine Prelinger Award―

坂本, 辰朗  ,  Tatsuro, SAKAMOTO

(70)  , pp.77 - 91 , 2018-03-31 , 創価大学教育学部・教職大学院
This paper presents a case study of the Catherine Prelinger Award, established in 1998 bythe Coordinating Council on Women Historians (CCWH). The CCWH, originally launchedin 1970 as a women’s caucus in the American Historical Association, has been committed toexploring the diverse experiences and histories of all women and to promoting research andinterpretation in areas of women’s history by both female and male scholars.The Award was made possible by an anonymous donor, and the Agreement to FundScholarship stated that the award will be given to a scholar with either a Ph.D. or an A.B.D.“who has not followed the traditional academic path of uninterrupted and completedsecondary, undergraduate, and graduate degrees leading into a tenured faculty position.” TheAgreement also stated that “although the recipient’s degrees do not have to be in history, therecipient’s work should be clearly historical in nature; in accordance with the general goalsof CCWH, the award is intended to recognize or to enhance the ability of the recipient tocontribute significantly to women in history, whether in the profession in the present or in thestudy of women in the past.”This study analyzes application forms the candidates submitted during the time span of1998-2008 and discusses some problems and issues that the CCWH had to address in selectingthe winners. In order to select the best “non-traditional” scholars, the CCWH created a “nontraditional”ranking system (point system). The CCWH also devised a special application formthat highlights the unique qualities of the candidates’ choices in coping with a nontraditionalcareer path.

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