Departmental Bulletin Paper 教師のキャリア形成の過程と特別活動 ―特別活動におけるキャリア教育を支える学級経営―
Teachers Career Development Process and Extracurricular Activity in Japan ―Class Management that Supports Career Education in Extracurricular Activity―

長島, 明純  ,  佐久間, 洋子  ,  Akisumi, NAGASHIMA  ,  Yoko, SAKUMA

(70)  , pp.61 - 76 , 2018-03-31 , 創価大学教育学部・教職大学院
This case study suggests that the professional development of teacher career by renewinghis or her own perspective on human beings and education leads to classroom managementthat promotes the growth of classroom as a group. It also indicates that the fulfilling classmanagement may have a possibility of supporting career education in extracurricular activity.In addition, in order for teachers to develop their competence to bring forth a fulfillingclassroom management as this case study shows, it is also critical that a group to whichteachers are attached be the one that supports and enhances each other.

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