Departmental Bulletin Paper 学生の実態に対応した社会科教育法の授業改善 ~授業評価に生かす提出物の分析、考察~
Teaching Methods for Social Studies Responding to the Actual Conditions of Students’ Improvement ―Analysis and Consideration of Submitted Materials to be Used for Class Evaluation―

浅田, 博  ,  Hiroshi, ASADA

(70)  , pp.3 - 23 , 2018-03-31 , 創価大学教育学部・教職大学院
As for improving classes at universities, many practices have been accumulated, mainly onfaculty development (FD). Also, “student assessment of teaching” that makes full use of thestudents voice to improve classes can be said as a representative effort.This paper analyzed students submissions and explored ways to improve the classes. Thestudents report evaluated the extent to which the lessons are understood and the thoughtdeepened by the teacher. However, if we change the viewpoint and read it, it can be “evaluationof lessons by students”.In this paper, the same student compared, analyzed and considered the reports submitted tothe first year of sophomore (Teaching Methods for Social Studies I) and late third year study(Teaching Methods for Social Studies III). This will clarify the actual situation of studentgrowth, and can clarify the viewpoint and concrete measures for improving classes accordingto each step. The viewpoints of improving classes are as follows;1. Understanding of learning contents and basic terms2. Preparation of learning guidance proposal3. Implementation of simulated lessons4. Utilization of viewing teaching materialsThis report analyzed and considered the two items of the report and recommended concretemeasures from the four perspectives. It is a future task to proceed with analysis whilecorrelating all four items, to propose more viewpoints of improvement and specific measures.

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