Departmental Bulletin Paper 領域「環境」の指導法についての一考察 ― 身近な自然との関わりを通して、好奇心・探求心を育む ―
Method of Teaching of the “Environment” - Child’s Curiosity and Inquiring Mind Grow up through Relation with Natural Environment -

小山, 容子  ,  Yoko, KOYAMA

(69)  , pp.243 - 257 , 2017-09-30 , 創価大学教育学部・教職大学院
Recordings of children playing in a natural environment were collected by natural observation and analyzed to investigate what young children learn and how their teachers guide them in the process. As a result, in firsthand experiences that stemmed from inquisitiveness, children shared their wonder and discoveries with their teachers and friends, or incorporated a friend’s ideas to further explore and deepen their thinking. Educators need to not only aid children in empathizing and becoming motivated, but also to guide them with clear goals. Items extracted from the recordings were then summarized into an annual plan, illustrating how best to create settings for encounters and interactions with nature.

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