Departmental Bulletin Paper チーム学校による道徳教育の推進
Enhancing Moral Education by School as a Team

栗本, 賢一  ,  石丸, 憲一  ,  Kenichi, KURIMOTO  ,  Kenichi, ISHIMARU

(69)  , pp.225 - 242 , 2017-09-30 , 創価大学教育学部・教職大学院
Moral education is facing a lot of agenda now in Japan. In addition to the recognition that the practice of moral education in the classroom so far has not been sufficiently done, moral education is expected to be the place to solve modern problems such as bullying, suicide and so on. And, in order to solve these problems, moral education has been determined as an official subject of primary education and will be fully implemented in the year 2018. We are forced to make a reform under such a time limit. Facing this situation, each school is making an effort to improve the lessons on a daily basis. However, since it is difficult to make a major progress only by this means, now we must ask ourselves what should be carried out in the framework of the school education activities as a whole. In this article we think that we can lay the foundation to support moral education and thus contribute to the lesson improvement through creating various approaches to this problem by ‘School as a team’. We verify its efficiency based on the actual practice at a public elementary school. Furthermore, we extract conditions to improve moral education by ‘School as a team’ from the result of the practice.

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