Departmental Bulletin Paper 特別活動の変遷と教師の役割への一考察 ― 新学習指導要領における教師の適切な指導について ―
Study Transition of Special Activities and Role of Teachers - Appropriate Teaching by Teacher in New Curriculum Guidance for Defining Basic Standard for Education -

高橋, 早苗  ,  鈎, 治雄  ,  Sanae, TAKAHASHI  ,  Haruo, MAGARI

(69)  , pp.163 - 185 , 2017-09-30 , 創価大学教育学部・教職大学院
A Study on the Transition of Special Activities and the Role of Teachers Special activities are considered as an area of educational curriculum in the area of learning guidance, but as a wide range of activities in school life, it has a profound influence on human formation of students. Special activities are to promote the independence and spontaneity of the student through collective activities such as discussion activities and collaborative work at class meetings and events etc. and to understand and consider other people, human formation with others, as a group Nurturing consciousness and other social nature. The important thing among them is the spirit of cooperation and collaboration among students, and the human relationship that supports it. Until now, respect for the subjectivity of the students and teacher’s guidance have been viewed as conflicting, but in this revision of the guidance, concretely shows the teacher’s appropriate guidance has been done. I would like to consider what is required as a role of the teacher while tracing the transition of special activities. Among them, I would like to refer to the teacher’s proper guidance as well as the necessity of clinical involvement that the teacher clings to the student and the model of the teacher’s reflective practitioner growing with the students.

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