Departmental Bulletin Paper 保育内容「人間関係」の指導法に関する一考察 ― 幼児期の人間関係の形成に着目した事例の検討を通して ―
A Study of Pedagogy of “Human Relationship” in the Early Childhood Care and Education Setting — Case Studies of Formation of Human Relations among Young Children —

岸, 正寿  ,  戸田, 大樹  ,  荒木, 由紀子  ,  Takashi, HISHI  ,  Daiki, TODA  ,  Yukiko, ARAKI

(69)  , pp.109 - 127 , 2017-09-30 , 創価大学教育学部・教職大学院
The study explored the processes of development of human relationship among young children from their entry period to graduation time at kindergarten. We, the researchers of the study, employed the case studies to depict and analyzed the ways of the children to develop their human relationship, and pedagogy of teachers. In terms of interpretation of the children’s actions, we focused them from three perspectives; 1) peer relationship emerged among the children, 2) characteristics of development of human relationship, and 3) interactions between the children and their teachers. The study revealed that the processes of development of human relationship were identified as follows; 1) being aware of others, 2) acknowledging the others as friends, 3) expressing one’s perspectives to others, 4) experiencing conflict, 5) feeling of sense of belongings, and 6) caring and empathizing others. In terms of pedagogy of teachers for promoting the children’s human relationship, creating an environment with supportive atmosphere was considered as important.

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