Departmental Bulletin Paper 紙素材を用いた幼児の造形活動の指導法に関する実践的研究 ― 体験的に考察する学習活動を中心として ―
A Practical Study on Teaching Method for Infants’ Formative Activity Using Paper Material: Based on Learning Activities through Experiential Consideration

堀舘, 秀一  ,  Hidekazu, HORITATE

(69)  , pp.29 - 41 , 2017-09-30 , 創価大学教育学部・教職大学院
The purpose of this study is to propose “experiential material consideration activities,” in which learners consider formative materials, and to practice it in class and to verify its effect. Because paper is the most familiar in daily life, in the practice, the learners deal with paper as a material, touch, reaffirm about and consider paper. The activities consist of five phases: A) reflecting on paper, B) recalling paper products, C) analysis on the properties of paper, D) imaging on paper-based activities, E) overall reflection. It is completed in 90 minutes class. Since 2010, the activities have been practiced seven times in “Childcare contents F (formative expression)”. The descriptions of worksheets reveals that “experiential material consideration activities” gives students an opportunity to notice, consider and experience so that learners get new knowledge, think about paper, and change their attitude. However, quantitative verification, such as questionnaire surveys and interviews, are need in the future because they have not been carried out in this study.

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