Departmental Bulletin Paper 男性保育者の必要性と理想的な保育者の男女比に関する意識調査 ― 保育者志望学生と女性保育士を中心として ―
An Opinion Poll Regarding the Requirement for Male Nursery School Staff and the Ideal Male-to-Female Ratio among Nursery School Staff Focusing on the Mainly University Students who Wanted to Work at Nursery Schools and Female Nursery School Teachers

戸田, 大樹  ,  松本, 佳代子  ,  氏家, 博子  ,  荒木, 由紀子  ,  飯塚, 汐里  ,  高橋, 健司  ,  Daiki, TODA  ,  kayoko, MATSUMOTO  ,  Hiroko, UJIIE  ,  Yukiko, ARAKI  ,  Shiori, IIZUKA  ,  Kenji, TAKAHASHI

(69)  , pp.3 - 17 , 2017-09-30 , 創価大学教育学部・教職大学院
本研究は、幼稚園や保育所における男性保育者の必要性及び理想的な保育者の男女比に関する意識調査を実施し、保育者養成に寄与するための基礎的資料を得ることを目的とした。質問紙調査の結果、全体的に約60%の割合で男性保育者が「いることが望ましい」との必要性が示された。また、理想的な保育者の男女比は主に「男性2割+ 女性8 割」や「男性3 割+ 女性7 割」のように低いことが認められた。さらに、男性保育者に対するイメージについて因子分析を行った結果、「活動性」「気配り」「繊細」の3 因子が認められた。そして、この男女比の意識の割合には男性保育者及び男子学生との直接的なかかわりの有無が影響していることを示唆している。
In the present study, we conducted an opinion poll regarding the requirement for malenursery school staff and the ideal male-to-female ratio among nursery school staff. The aimnursery school staff and the ideal male-to-female ratio among nursery school staff. The aimwas to obtain basic materials to contribute to the education of nursery school staff. Results of the questionnaire showed that on the whole, there was a requirement for male nursery school staff, with approximately 63% of respondents stating that “it would be nice if they were here”. In addition, the ideal nursery school staff male-to-female ratio was low; the main responses were “20% men, 80% women” and “30% men and 70% women”. Furthermore, a factor analysis was performed regarding the image of male nursery school staff. The three factors observed were activity, consideration and licate. This also suggests the fact that the presence of a direct connection to male nursery school staff and male students affects the proportion of awareness of the male-to-female ratio.

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