Departmental Bulletin Paper 保育・教育課程における領域「健康」の指導展開 : 触れ合い体操を導入した保育に着目して
Instruction development of “health” area in the process of childcare education : focus on childcare with introduction of physical exercises for enhancing interactions

高橋, 健司  ,  戸田, 大樹  ,  Kenji, TAKAHASHI  ,  Daiki, TODA

(68)  , pp.251 - 258 , 2017-03-31 , 創価大学教育学部・教職大学院
This study has investigated from the viewpoint of preschool education regarding the instruction development of “health” area in the process of childcare/education introducing the cases of “physical exercises for enhancing interactions”. These activities were aimed to accomplish “health of children” by childcare workers. As a result of this investigation, all participants of this investigation agreed that “children enjoyed moving their bodies by themselves or their bodies were moved”. In addition, all participants agreed “to some extent” that “physical exercises help understanding the correct use of muscles and joints improving those functions” and “physical movements improve the children’s understanding and activate their brain functions”. All participants agreed that “physical exercises enhance happy interactions between children and adults”. This investigation also reported that participants wrote their free comments such as “realization of own body and flexibilities” as well as “improvement of interactions”.

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