Departmental Bulletin Paper 特別活動の自己否定性 : 特別活動の領域と教科内領域との相互浸透
Self-denial of Extra-Curricular Activities Interpenetration between Areas of Extra-Curricular Activities and Areas of School Subjects

牛田, 伸一  ,  Shinichi, Ushida

(68)  , pp.195 - 211 , 2017-03-31 , 創価大学教育学部・教職大学院
Extra-Curricular Activities are especially important activities in school education. Children take up various themes for writing a composition of their graduation writings. Most of the themes are chosen from what they did in the areas of Extra-Curricular Activities such as sports day, choral festival, fun party in class, school excursion and etc. Therefore, it is necessary to develop Extra-Curricular Activities further to make it fascinating to children’s mind and unforgettable in the memory of children. This essay gives a question to the above common impression which emphasizes the significance of Extra-Curricular Activities. Why do most children take up Extra-Curricular Activities such as〝 Enjoyable Sports Day〞 or〝 Enjoyable Fun Party in Class〞 as their main topic for the graduation writings? In fact, it is not so difficult to answer this question. Children do not choose themes such as〝 Enjoyable Experiment at a Science Lesson〞 or〝 Memorable Fractional Calculation〞. Likes and dislikes should be made in limited options. Then logically, it can be predicted that the activities in the areas of lessens are 〝not fun〞 and 〝not memorable〞 for children and children feel the areas of Extra-Curricular Activities relatively 〝fun〞 and 〝memorable〞. To be brief, lessons are comparatively boring for children. When the thought experiment of this essay advance the theory in this framework of relativity, the opinion that Extra-Curricular Activities are worth to practice and meaningful to discuss with the reason that it gives children a memorable and good impression will not be immediately accepted. It is because the more strongly children attracted to Extra-Curricular Activities, the more the paltriness of lessons will be highlighted. When Extra-Curricular Activities make lessens steppingstones without the fact that the lessons are regarded as the main duties at school, the existence of Extra-Curricular Activities will have to be considered critically again. It is necessary to recapture the significance of Extra-Curricular Activities in the context of the school’s central mission of teaching. To have a reinterpretation of Extra-Curricular Activities is the purpose of this essay. The conclusion of this essay is symbolically summarized as the following proposition. Extra-Curricular Activities can fully demonstrate its significance when it ceases to exist as an area. This can be called 〝a self-denying proposition〞 because disappearance of an area of Extra-Curricular Activities brings its significance. To avoid misunderstandings, of course, something like Extra-Curricular Activities will not disappear. This proposition means that something like Extra-Curricular Activities will penetrate through lessons or, from a different point of view, lessens will blend into something like Extra-Curricular Activities. Even though it is difficult, realization of this proposition will let us foresee a breakout from what is called school learning in the modern society. The following three subjects must be examined to lead this conclusion. The first one is to clarify what kind of structure the school has. The second one is to consider how Extra-Curricular Activities are related to this structure of the school. The last is to rethink its significance in relation to lessens rather than finding out the significance of practice and research of Extra-Curricular Activities to which children feel more attracted than lessens. These steps paint a concrete picture of the self-denying proposition of Extra-Curricular Activities.

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