Departmental Bulletin Paper 絵本の共同制作における協働の生成・発達過程の研究 : 美術を専門としない学生による非言語的で促進的な相互交渉のプロセス
The effect of collaborative work on students’ nonverbal communication during making a picture book : A case study

清水, 由朗  ,  Yoshiro, SHIMIZU

(68)  , pp.137 - 151 , 2017-03-31 , 創価大学教育学部・教職大学院
Gaining the sense of self-update is a unique effect of collaboration in a joint project of a picture book production. Students who are not art-major often set a sort of self-limitation of drawing a picture. Consequently, they are not well motivated to try their best to draw a picture. When they work together to making a picture book as a joint project, however, they naturally observe their partners’ work and are inspired with the partners’ attitude. Observing each other without any verbal communication certainly provide various stimulus for them to look back their own approach to their drawing task. As a result, students may attempt to exceed their self-limitation toward bettering their product without any verbal direction. If it may happen, they would feel a sense of self-update about their image of drawing. In this study 8 senior students were selected from a fine-art seminar in which a picture book project was conducted, and interviewed with a semistructured format in order to investigate their nonverbal communication for facilitating their self-update experiences. The modified grounded theory approach was applied to analyze the interview data. 12 categories were generated to describe the process of emerging self-update experiences. A hypothesis for designing joint drawing work to promote self-update feeling was proposed for instructors who teach fine-arts seminars in a pre-service teacher program.

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