Departmental Bulletin Paper 校長職経験者はどのようにして管理職を全うしてきたのか : ナラティブ分析を用いた個人的差異とその共通性の把握
How experienced principals fulfilled management role : Understanding the difference and commonality through narrative analysis

髙田, 裕美  ,  鈎, 治雄  ,  Yumi, Takata  ,  Haruo, Magari

(68)  , pp.73 - 92 , 2017-03-31 , 創価大学教育学部・教職大学院
This qualitative research uses experienced principals’ narration and focuses on common factors and discrete factors of career continuation. Interviews were conducted with 10 principals who had fulfilled their roles without absence and turnover. The results were analyzed using narrative analysis and Labovian model (Labov1972). As a result, 10 common factors and 2 discrete factors were found. The common factors were divided into 3 key factors that were common in almost all principals and 7 side factors. The common factors consist of difference in obstacles that they faced and whether they had desire to become a principal. Discrete factors are unique factors for individuals and had become the key reason to continue working as a principal.

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