Departmental Bulletin Paper 沖山光理論の現代的意義の考察 : 読解理論を中心に
Examination on contemporary meaning of Hikaru Okiyama’s theory : Focusing on his theory on reading

石丸, 憲一  ,  Kenichi, ISHIMARU

(68)  , pp.29 - 43 , 2017-03-31 , 創価大学教育学部・教職大学院
In the thirties of Showa period, Hikaru Okiyama played an active role in laying the foundation of Japanese language education for the future. However, there is little appreciation for his accomplishment today. The reasons have been shown in many researches indicating that he did not see the value of reading by parts in the structural reading, but instead, he emphasized the authors’ messages more than the standpoint of readers. But in fact, as the time went by, his concept of “structural reading” and his “author’s message” focus changed into a position of encouraging the children’s (or learners’) initiative. This article focuses on Okiyama’s reading theory to draw a conclusion about the change in his theory based on his early writings so that we could apply it to our present education.

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