Departmental Bulletin Paper 相互評価力育成プログラム開発の試み
A Brief Report : Developing a Training Program for Student Peer Assessment Skills

関田, 一彦  ,  嶋田, みのり  ,  森川, 由美  ,  Kazuhiko, SEKITA  ,  Minori, SHIMADA  ,  Yumi, MORIKAWA

(67)  , pp.119 - 132 , 2016-03-31 , 創価大学教育学部・教職大学院
Peer assessment is regarded as a highly recommended practice for facilitating\students’ active learning. And thus, Soka University aims to develop students'\feedback skills for their critical and promotive peer assessments. Such the skills for\active listening, awareness-oriented questioning, and posing supportive critiques\are key elements of productive peer assessment.\This paper outlines and examines a training program to foster individual\student's peer assessment skills, which is one of the outcomes of the Research\Project for Promoting Cooperation in College Education funded by Ministry of\Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. The training program was\designed with the duration of three days (12 hours in total) and the experimental\research in the program was conducted with 26 students.\Data analysis was performed using answers of questionnaires which were\administered to the participated students at two points in time: one is at the end\of the program to find out the immediate effects and the other is at three months\after the program as a follow-up survey. The paper identifies effects of the program\examining these data, as well as delineating the program.\The results suggest that the program contributes the development of student\peer assessment skills in both their academic and non-academic settings. Also the\necessity of further development of the program has been revealed to utilize it\fully.

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