Departmental Bulletin Paper 道徳の時間における読むことの意味 : 「ないた赤おに」を中心に
Meanings of Material Reading in the Moral Education Class in Japan, Mainly Using the Japanese Literature Text“Naita Akaoni” (Red Demon Cried)

石丸, 憲一  ,  Kenichi, ISHIMARU

(66)  , pp.1 - 13 , 2015-03-18 , 創価大学教育学部・教職大学院
By analyzing the material reading in the moral education class and that in the Japanese literature class, and by comparing the two of them, I examined the structural difference between them. As a result of the examination, it was found that the moral education class provides a limited amount of information from the material, however, such a limitation forces and enables students to think more deeply about moral and emotional matters. Moreover, such an effect can be produced by a unique unfolding of materials, and in the end, it became clear that it all depends on the teacher who gives the lesson in the moral education class.

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