Departmental Bulletin Paper 体育科教育における運動技術の指導力向止のための生体力学的アプローチ
Biomechanical approach approach for improving the teaching skill of educators in physical eduacation

内藤, 耕三  ,  久保田, 秀明  ,  Kozo, NAITO  ,  Hideaki, KUBOTA

(66)  , pp.45 - 53 , 2015-03-18 , 創価大学教育学部・教職大学院
The aim of this study is to explore optimum teaching techniques in physical education activity. From energetic point of view, biomechanics of baseball throwing was analyzed using the empirical data. An induced-acceleration analysis developed by our previous study was used to examine the inter-segmental interaction within the multi-joint kinetic chain. The results showed that the particular joint torques (the trunk flexion, longitudinal-axis rotation and shoulder internal rotation) play prominent roles in generating system kinetic energy, and the inter-segmental forces, such as a centrifugal force, is key factor for the effective energy transfer. In this paper, what mechanism can be essentially required for the success of performance was examined. In addition, fundamental principle for the process of skill acquisition was discusscd. Our approach, which intends to gain an insight into the fundamental of sports skill, is useful in establishing scientific physical education theory. In future work, both theoretical and practical framework to effectively improve the teaching ability of educators is needed for the progress of physical education.

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