Departmental Bulletin Paper 特別支援学校(肢体不自由)の現状と課題 : 専門性のある人材の育成
Current situation and challenges of special needs schools (crippled) : Development of expertise of human resources

杉本, 久吉  ,  加藤, 康紀  ,  Hisayoshi, SUGIMOTO  ,  Yasunori, KATO

(66)  , pp.55 - 69 , 2015-03-18 , 創価大学教育学部・教職大学院
In the process leading to the School Education Act Amendments in I979, special needs for physically disabled (orthopedically-impaired) students required more specialized medical care because of the diversification and severity of disabilities. In addition, under the special needs education system after the law amendment of 2006, it was revealed that various kinds of education for physically disabled students has been provided. Physically-disabled stems largely from cerebral palsy and it presents severely disabled symptoms. Furthermore, the 60% of students in physically disabled schools need specialized medical care. Currently five types of curriculum are provided in order to deal with those physically-disabled students, but they are still not enough to accommodate the diversification and severity in disabilities. The maintanance and improvement of the professional skill of teachers will be necessary and the development of human resources will be more important in the future.

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