Departmental Bulletin Paper 福島甲状腺癌の発生と原発放射能の関係をどう考えるか : どう伝えるか, どう学ばせるかという理科教員の立場から
Relations between Outbreak of thyroid cancer in Fukushima and Radioactive contamination by the nuclear plant accident : Problem by the science education

桐山, 信一  ,  Nobukazu, KIRIYANIA

(66)  , pp.29 - 43 , 2015-03-18 , 創価大学教育学部・教職大学院
A result of thyroidal inspection carried out in Fukushima was announced in June, 2014 30.The number of the malignant outbreak was estimated from the number of patients by Poisson statistical test. The result was statistical frequent occurrence. The relations between malignant outbreak and radioactive contamination by the nuclear plant accident in Fukushima is a contemporary problem to ask a scientific judgment, it is necessary to take it up and to argue by school science education as a national problem widely. In the class, it is desirable for there to be a variety of learning from different viewpoints.

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