Conference Paper Measurement Of Trunk Deformation By Breathing Of Scoliosis Patients

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Scoliosis is a disease that spine is curved sideways when viewed from the front. Most of cause is idiopathic in adolescence. Scoliosis effect progresses thoracic deformity, affect the respiratory and cardiovascular. Early detection of scoliosis is important for patients. Ready- made diagnosis scoliosis research has exposure from X-ray or ambiguous evaluation. It is known to clinically that relationship of thoracic deformity and scoliosis are dynamically changed constantly by the respiratory motion. The detection system of the respiratory motion was developed but it detects only still image. Therefore it is difficult to obtain the change of the shape continually and could not perform an accurate evaluation. We developed the system which obtain a trunk shape continually using a depth sensor. In this paper, I present a new method to evaluate the shape change of the human trunk by the breathing of the patient of scoliosis using this system.

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