Departmental Bulletin Paper グループ心性と組織ストレスとの相互作用に関する理論的研究
Theoretical study on the interaction of group mentality and organizational stress

黒崎, 優美

The present paper aims to present and discuss a theoretical model concerning the interaction between group mentality and organizational stress. While group mentality serves to pressure deviant members to conform in order to preserve group stability, the manner of intervention is not always the same. The level of intervention by group mentality and the stress of deviant members are thought to be at their highest point where there is a conspiratorial relationship between work group and the basic assumption, at their lowest point where there is a unified relationship, and moderate where there is an antagonistic relationship. In testing a clinical illustration, the author observed a relationship between conspiratorial relationships and organizational stress. This theoretical model clarifies issues related to stress on individuals from the whole group or interactions and makes suggestions as to the state of individual efforts to adapt and systematic environmental improvements. Future issues include the creation of a method to measure group mentality and the conducting of empirical research to verify this theoretical model.

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